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About us

We are a Know Your Users (KYU) company that allows merchants around the world to better serve their clients and prevent online fraud. We use cuttingedge machine learning technology to detect & prevent cardnotpresent fraud and account takeover.


AI and machine learning for fraud prevention

We protect online merchants from cardnotpresent fraud, provide them with recommendations (accept reject review) supported by a long list of arguments to optimise their business decisions. We also help online lending companies with credit scoring. In other words, fraudsters and suspicious users are detected and flagged by our machine learning engine before they even make a fraud attempt. In realtime and automatically we lower
the risk of fraud, manual review & chargeback rate.

User profiling to better serve your customer

UX expectations of users are continuously growing, so reducing risk-related friction is the key objective for online merchants. That is why Nethone as a Know Your Users (KYU) company allows you to understand your customers better and improve your service.

Serving global clients since 2016

We were founded in 2016 within Daftcode’s ecosystem, one of the quicklymoving venture builders in Central and Eastern Europe, by a team of tech enthusiasts with topclass data science, security, engineering, and business skills. From the start, we have been serving clients all over the world.

The origin story

From the beginning, our mission was to make the online space a safer, and more transparent place for all users, hence the name Nethone - the noun “net” and the verb “to hone” which means to make something perfect or completely suitable for its purpose.

That is why we decided to create a system which guarantees exclusive transparent engagement but still preserves individual privacy. Honing the network is also about making the interactions frictionless. It’s our mission to provide the best performance with no friction.


Market observations inspired us to build Nethone and make a significant change, through:

providing online merchants with a broad subset of structured data to determine online fraud risks
precise user profiling provided by ML instead of static rules, which generated too many false positives, causing businesses to forfeit billions of dollars every year
focusing on frictionless transaction flow, as eCommerce continues to grow and users demand better UX
creating a tool to mitigate sophisticated fraudulent attacks, which nominal level will continuously grow

Nethone moments - follow our timeline

November 2021
Nethone named Poland's winner of 2021 Deloitte Fast 50 ranking
June 2021
Nethone springboards from COVID with $6,7M in Series A
March 2021
Partnered up with VTEX to help e-commerce in Brazil
January 2021
Forming partnership with Nissho to offer fraud prevention on the Japanese market

Our leadership

Meet the people who set the pace and direction for us all.

Hubert Rachwalski
Hubert Rachwalski
Chief Executive Officer
CEO of Nethone, pushing the technological forefront in terms of applying ML to fraud topic. He leads a team of 60+ tech enthusiasts and proud to be engaged in a meaningful battle.
Mateusz Czech
Mateusz Czech
Chief Operating Officer
Operations mastermind of Nethone, driving changes to scale the company to the next level. Responsible for building and optimizing company-wide processes to provide smooth work for all Nethone employees and clients.
Maciej Pitucha
Maciej Pitucha
Chief Data Officer
Data engineer and data scientist responsible for drawing insights from data. Works with code and data for fun and profit.
Mark Burton
Mark Burton
Chief Technology Officer
Experienced software leader and developer of solutions to combat AML and financial crimes, responsible for scaling up and engineering the company’s unique fraud detection solutions.
Kacper Szcześniak
Co-founder, Security R&D
Serial entrepreneur and seasoned software engineer. Built a technology group with 10+ ventures and ~400 engineers onboard having a cumulative turnover of over 40 M EUR ARR.

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