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Trusted provider of mobile app fraud detection

Nethone has perfected a solution to prevent mobile app payment fraud. Benefit from highly efficient device fingerprinting, passive biometrics and Machine Learning (ML) to secure your customers’ mobile app experience on iOS and Android platforms. We are the trusted choice of customers with mobile apps in banking, carsharing, cryptocurrency, digital lending and eCommerce.

Behavioural biometricsSignals3rd party dataDevice fingerprinting

Say goodbye to all types of mobile app fraud

Make every mobile experience safe. Our advanced mobile app fraud detection solution will help you prevent all types of fraud affecting your mobile business!

Card-not-present Fraud

Remote Access Attacks

Loyalty & Promo Abuse

Identity Fraud

Account Takeover

Protection at each stage of the user experience

With Nethone you can protect your users during every step of their mobile journey from app installation right through to mobile payment process and beyond.

Login & Service Interaction

Benefit from cutting edge analysis and detect mobile fraud

360° understanding of users

Use device fingerprinting and passive biometrics to increase user identification. Distinguish genuine customers from fraudsters through each user’s mobile device setup, swipes, taps and movements.

The lightest SDK available

The full benefit of our lightweight mobile profiling solution for iOS (<1MB) and Android(<2,6MB) makes it easier to integrate within your business and deliver smaller apps to your end customers.

Real-time effectiveness

Our ML models automatically analyse 5K+ pieces of device and behavioral data to provide you with instant yes/no recommendations, securing frictionless mobile experiences for your customers.

Multiple data integration

Gain additional value through our merged services: Ekata ID verification, Ethoca and Verifi chargeback alerts, providing you faster mobile fraud detection, all with less integration.

Detect every suspicious technology and tool

No malicious technology will go unnoticed with our solution. Prevent any fraud attempts on your mobile platforms with 60+ signals - triggers that identify irregular behaviors, technologies and tools indicative of a high probability of fraud, which include:

Remote access tools

Installed by fraudsters via phishing/SMiShing to take over a user’s device


Smartphone software restrictions for Apple and Google removed to install malicious 3rd party applications

Device Spoofing

Software installed to emulate a real mobile device and hide true GPS and timezone data

Virtual Network Interfaces

Detects the use of a VPN to hide a true IP address

Short Uptime

Indicates a device was recently activated. Fraudsters change SIMs and hard reset devices to wipe all identifiers

Hooking software

Allows manipulation of application execution such as bypassing security or data spoofing

…and many more

Mobile app fraud detection case study

Major bank operating in Europe and Asia
Discover how Nethone’s anti-fraud solution was able to quickly and efficiently reduce social engineering fraud and false positives.
of fraud attempts detected in the sample mobile app traffic
response time, no negative impact on UX and loading speed
recorded false-positives, once processed by our logic set-up

Put an end to mobile app fraud

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