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Suspicious activity

Nethone browser fingerprinting solution gathers 5000+ data points about every end-user session in web and native mobile, to:

  • block 95% of account takeover attempts

  • lower chargeback rates by 89%

  • reduce unauthorized transactions by 96%

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What we know about you

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With every visit browser fingerprinting tool gathers software data to create strong fingerprints for each user. By using them and combining data from all previous visits, we can recognize new and returning users. Check below your detailed history visit.

Suspicious activity

Our browser fingerprinting tool is now able to detect Signals - technical indicators of unusual or suspicious characteristics of a given session. The technology was created by reverse-engineering of fraudsters' tools to learn every detail of their techniques and increase fraud detection.

Below we present a sample of Signals we are able to detect.

60+ Signals

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Interact with your computer or mobile device and we’ll show you what behavioral Signals our browser fingerprinting tool picked up. Let us prove to you how effective our solution can be in detecting suspicious behaviors.

Try our login authentication module

To authenticate logins we use previously gathered behavioral data, ML Models and behavioral biometrics. Play with the module to test its accuracy.

  1. Type in made-up email and password to enroll.
  2. Re-enter them to train models and be verified with behavioral biometrics.

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There’s much more our browser fingerprinting can tell about every user’s visit, allowing you to improve good user identification and precise fraud prevention!

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