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About the initiative

The #DirectDialogue initiative is our newest way of sharing fraud prevention expertise with the world. Each week during the summer, an expert from the Nethone team will be available to you for 30 min for 1-on-1 consultations on given topics. Just choose your expert and schedule a private call to learn how to resolve your fraud dilemmas and reduce risk.

Whole summer, every week
30 min individual consultations
No fee attached!

Upcoming consultations

Aleksander Kijek
Aleksander Kijek
Chief Product Officer
6 - 10 July
  • What should you consider when choosing your next fraud prevention provider? Should I do it in-house? What parts of risk reduction should be covered by my team?
  • Available tools in fraud-fighting - who to choose, which services go together well, how to cover the whole flow from initial transaction to chargeback disputes.
  • Machine Learning 101 - getting comfortable in working with Machine Learning based solutions, why you can trust them, what are their strengths and how to work with them to get the most value and circumvent shortcomings.
Łukasz Kolada
Łukasz Kolada
Business Data Scientist
13 - 17 July
  • Why is it now even more important than before COVID for digital lending businesses to protect themselves from fraudsters?
  • How can you prevent yourself from fraud if you don't have enough data to build machine learning solutions?
  • How can digital fingerprint help you save money in Digital Lending business?
Filip Swatek
Filip Swatek
Associate Product Owner
20 - 24 July
  • Why are anti-fraud solutions becoming more relevant for Digital Lending?
  • Which information, that is hidden in the digital footprint of a user, can improve credit scoring accuracy?
  • What to know when moving from rule-based system to machine learning solution?
Byron King
Byron King
Business Data Scientist
27 - 31 July
  • How has COVID affected eCommerce traffic and the nature of fraud attacks?
  • How does Nethone alert itself to an eCommerce fraud attack, and what steps can we take after such an alert?
  • What role does geography play in eCommerce fraud?
  • How do data-supplying services like Ekata help Nethone prevent eCommerce fraud?
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