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MRC Webinar "Evaluation of tools used to circumvent anti-fraud systems"


Have you ever wondered, what carding is and whether your e-business is a carders’ target? Which products and services are mostly targeted by online thieves? We invite you to participate in the upcoming webinar “Evaluation of tools used to circumvent anti-fraud systems” led by Aleksander Kijek, Chief Product Officer at Nethone, to get the answers!

Vector-3 25 March 2020
Aleksander Kijek, Nethone

Chief Product Officer

Always at the helm of innovative product development. Bridges the gap between the tech and business teams, translates complex and technological ideas into clear gains with client needs turned into tangible product developments.

This event is best if you want to learn about

Carding is a term describing the trafficking of credit cards, and other personal information leading to online payment fraud. In 2019 alone, 42% of e-commerce organizations experienced the loss from such fraud. To that matter, our inquiring research team found out that one no longer needs to be a professional fraudster to successfully commit e-fraud and make real money. There are more and more freely operating businesses in the Dark and Clear Net that offer Carding-as-a-Service in the subscription model.

During the webinar you will find out:
1. How carders operate and what are their techniques?
2. How easily carders can generate a new cookie tricking your anti-fraud system - in a live demo
3. What to focus on when choosing the right anti-fraud solutions?
4. What fingerprinting ads to the fraud prevention ecosystem?
5. How carding market will change after PSD2 implementation?

The war with fraudsters is becoming fierce. The more your online business is visible and products or services are in demand, the more you are attractive to carders. Join the webinar and learn ways to protect your business!

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