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Know Your Users and satisfy them with proper UX - watch the session recording



Are you running an e-commerce platform and plan to expand into new geographies or introduce a new product? Do you think that understanding your users is crucial to better serve their needs? Today’s eCommerce is all about proper UX and so you should be!

Vector-3 14 July 2020
Hubert Rachwalski

Chief Executive Officer, Nethone

CEO of Nethone that is pushing the technological forefront in terms of applying ML to fraud topics. He leads a team of 60+ tech enthusiasts and is proud to be engaged in a meaningful battle.

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From knowing customers to understanding their real motives - Know Your Users (KYU) approach is an essential tool for the new era of customer-centric services. Moreover, it helps to recognise who’s a fraudster and who’s a legitimate user without causing any additional friction.

Remember - fraudsters never stop their game and neither do we! Watch the recording of the last online session before the Summer break.

Watch now and learn more about how to satisfy Customers with a proper UX

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