Let’s fool the rules with fraud tools

Let’s fool the rules with fraud tools. Watch the recording of Nethone webinar in partnership with CeFPro.


Watch the webinar for free with Nethone’s R&D Advisor Mateusz Chrobok. During the webinar, Mateusz talks about the evolution of fraud as a service, tools, step-by-step operations from the fraudster's perspective and how the fraud landscape changes over time. Press play, and embrace the knowledge!

Vector-3 10 October 2022
Mateusz Chrobok

Head of Fraud Intelligence, Nethone

Enthusiast of Cybersecurity, AI, and Startups. Now he is Head of Fraud Intelligence at Nethone.

What's on the webinar:

  • Evolution of fraud as a service tool
  • Latest detection evasion techniques for popular methods such as device fingerprinting
  • What’s new in popular Malware as a Service
  • Impact of Free VPNs on the fraud landscape
  • Step-by-step fraud from the fraudster's perspective

Your key takeaways:

  • Learn about anti-detection tools
  • Understand changes in the fraud landscape
  • Understand the impact of 911re shutdown on VPN detection methods
  • Learn how fraudsters abuse recommendation systems to warm up the sessions

Watch now and learn how the evolution of fraud impacts business

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