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MRC Webinar "Gift cards: how scammers take advantege of your inattention"


For the past few years, we heard more and more about the rising cost of gift card fraud. Therefore we decided to dig a little bit deeper to check how scammers take advantage of merchant's ineffective fraud prevention.

Vector-3 30 June 2020
Aleksander Kijek, Nethone

Chief Product Officer

Always at the helm of innovative product development. Bridges the gap between the tech and business teams, translates complex and technological ideas into clear gains with client needs turned into tangible product developments.

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As a result, last week, Aleksander Kijek, Chief Product Officer at Nethone, hosted the webinar during which he spoke about the topic. If you offer e-gift cards or planning to do so in the future, this webinar is definitely worth to be discovered. Click HERE and enjoy watching!

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