The future of BNPL - panel session recording in PL

Watch panel about future BNPL


Watch the recording of the panel session at Ecommerce Fintech Connect with Maciej Jamiołkowski, who will guide you through the educational journey about Buy Now, Pay Later!

Vector-3 25 March 2021
Maciej Jamiołkowski

Business Development Lead, Nethone

Since the beginning of his professional career, Maciej has been responsible for delivering data-driven solutions supporting his client's business operations. His deep understanding of data-related subjects, connected with extensive knowledge about the financial issues, allows him to map eCommerce's challenges and address them adequately.

Presentation agenda:

  • What's behind BNPL? How does it work?

  • What kind of fraud related to BNPL transactions is out there?

  • Who covers the financial cost of fraud related to BNPL?

  • Do BNPL services affect chargebacks?

  • Is BNPL the future?

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