Transitioning from rules to Machine Learning

Webinar about AI-driven fraud prevention systems, check if they can be suitable for your business.


You have heard of AI-driven fraud prevention systems, but are not sure if this will be suitable for your business? Or you are sure you want to switch from a rule-based one to ML, but are afraid that it will hamper your KPIs?

Vector-3 23 September 2019
Rodrigo Camacho

Chief Commercial Officer, Nethone

Need-oriented relationship expert and entrepreneurial mind in charge of developing the commercial strategy for Nethone. He identifies and seizes business opportunities to sustain Nethone's rapid growth

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by Rodrigo Camacho, Chief Commercial Officer at Nethone, who is a very down-to-earth yet figurative manner explains how to move from a rule-based system into Machine Learning.

You can also download the presentation and read it through.

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