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Aleksander Kijek, in the latest The Payper's Fraud Prevention in Ecommerce Report, is sharing insight into fraud trends.

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The rise of e-commerce share of global retail sales – from 14% in 2018 to 19% in 2020 due to the effects of COVID-19 lockdowns – has likewise led to an increase in global fraud rates. This is in part down to a new group of online shoppers not fully aware of the dangers of the internet. They are perfect targets.

We know that knowledge is half the battle. That is why Aleksander Kijek in the latest The Payper's Fraud Prevention in Ecommerce Report is sharing insight about fraud trends. When you understand it better, it is easier to prevent them.


Check some topics we covered in The Payper's report:


  • Phishing - a prominent scam method
  • Vishing - eliciting information or action over the phone
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) with SMS it's not the best idea
  • SIM swapping

You can also read the overview of Nethone’s anti-fraud solutions and the article by Aleksander Kijek, CINO at Nethone.


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