Merchant Fraud Journal 2023 Fraud Trends Report

Prepare your business for the ever-changing fraud landscape of 2023. Read the interview with Patrick Drexler and learn about "omni-touchpoint" fraud prevention.

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The Merchant Fraud Journal 2023 Fraud Trends Report is a comprehensive study that provides valuable insights into the latest fraud trends in the payments and e-commerce sectors. This guide is based on a series of interviews with thirteen representatives of the most well-known and respected eCommerce fraud prevention solutions providers.

The mission of Merchant Fraud Journal is to foster collaboration among fraud prevention experts and then propagate that knowledge to merchants.


Read Patrick Drexler, Head of Business Development at Nethone, explaining...

  • what can a merchant do to fight fraud effectively without harming the customer experience
  • what an ʻomni-touchpointʼ fraud prevention strategy does look like in 2023
  • what additional friendly fraud challenges will merchants face in a recessionary environment, and what is the best way to mitigate them
  • how merchants are preparing for Payment Services Directive 3 (PSD3)
  • what will be the most significant 2023 eCommerce fraud trend that is currently being overlooked

Merchant Fraud Journal 2023 Fraud Trends Report