The Paypers 2022-2023 Fraud Prevention in Ecommerce Report

Prepare your business and read Maciej Pitucha, CDO at Nethone, explaining how fraud prevention can positively influence a customer’s journey.

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Between 2021 and 2025, merchants stand to lose up to USD 206 billion on fraud, with remote physical goods purchases being the leading cause of online payment fraud, accounting for over 47% of all fraud losses in 2021. At the same time, fraud detection and prevention platform services are set to exceed USD 11.8 billion globally in 2025, a significant increase from the USD 9.3 billion figure in 2021.

Prepare your business and read Maciej Pitucha, Chief Data Officer at Nethone, explaining how fraud prevention can positively influence a customer’s journey and, at the same time, help merchants differentiate between legitimate users and bots for enhanced customer services.


Check some questions Maciej answered in The Payper's report:


  • What are the main stages of the user life cycle during a consumer’s journey?
  • What problems can online consumers encounter during each stage?
  • How do these problems affect eCommerce merchants?
  • How can we address business needs related to fraud and risk along the user life cycle?
  • What role does behavioural biometrics play in solving these issues?
  • Will modularized fraud prevention solutions become a trend in 2023?

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This year’s highlights:


  • Key Trends in eCommerce Fraud
  • Fraud Prevention Strategies and Solutions
  • Latest Updates on Technology That Helps the Industry Detect and Prevent Fraud
  • Operations and Costs

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