Nethone, an anti-fraud & BI brand, launches globally

Nethone launches globally to take chargeback prevention to a whole new level and help online sellers turn challenges into profits.

Hubert Rachwalski

Chief Executive Officer

27 June 2016


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Nethone, a new provider of Anti-fraud and Business Intelligence solutions, launches globally to take chargeback prevention to a whole new level and help online sellers turn challenges into profits.


The company launches to address the growing problem of online payments fraud and help merchants develop their businesses through data-driven decisions. Nethone provides truly effective prevention mechanisms against fraud of various kinds and brings a comprehensive suite of data mining tools one can use to obtain unique business insights. Nethone solutions leverage diverse state-of-the-art technologies, such as advanced Machine Learning powered by rich data obtained through User Profiling, a multitude of other sources and unique expertise of the team. As a result, the system enables effective VPN detection, Behaviour Analytics and fighting automated access attempts. However, what makes the newly launched company really stand out is the merchant-background of the team behind it.

Beyond tech

'For Merchants, by a Merchant' approach is the cornerstone of Nethone as the company has been established by a group of professionals whose experience spanned a number of roles in diverse ecommerce businesses, ranging from SMEs to corporations. They now leverage their insider knowledge to bring products and services perfectly adjusted to the needs and expectations of e-tailers. As a result, when cooperating with Nethone, merchants can be sure to work with people who truly understand their point of view and know how to make one’s business take maximum advantage of the provided technology.

"The idea behind Nethone is to give merchants a comprehensive suite of Business Intelligence solutions they can use to simultaneously stem fraud and raise sales through data-driven decisions" – said Aleksander Kijek, VP of Operations, Nethone. "By comprehensive I mean combining hi-tech, human ingenuity and business insight. Moreover, we do not charge merchants for each technology being applied. There are no hidden fees."

When every minute counts

Fight against fraud plague is mainly a matter of prophylaxis. Unfortunately, merchants hit by fraudsters often realize it when their condition is already close to critical. In order not to turn the chargeback report into an obituary notice, they have to react immediately. Beyond prevention mechanisms, Nethone comes up with an Instant Rescue service dedicated to those already in trouble. A quickly implementable JavaScript enables issuing of risk assessment recommendations within 24 hours from the start of the integration process. As a result, instead of going offline, losing customers, money and reputation, merchants can quickly get back on track and move ahead.

"In case of a massive fraud attack, merchants can either shut down their businesses or try to stem the flood of fraudulent transactions. The latter is more difficult but imagine this happening on Cyber Monday. Going out of service might equal getting out of the business" – said Aleksander Kijek.  "Derailing in a rush period is an extreme example, but in fact any system breakdown undermines merchant’s credibility."

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