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In the latest Darknet Summary, we look into how fraudsters attempt to add additional layers of anonymity to their activities by using simple but effective reshipping scams. Such scams have various names, including parcel mule scam, work from home scams, but they are more commonly known as reshipping scams. Call them what you like, but the format is usually the same. Fraudsters will prey on job seekers by advertising fake jobs online that look too good to be true. The job always offers people the chance to work from home for only a few hours per week and earn money by performing admin tasks. This includes printing labels and reshipping packages, buying gift cards and transferring money, among other things. Victims believe they are working for a legitimate company, but are, in fact, working for fraudsters!


Reshipping scams are proving lucrative!

In a recent case in the United States, the FBI and US Postal Inspection Service seized 17 domain names linked to companies involved in parcel mule scams. Although a success, these domains are just a drop in the ocean, pointing to a larger problem we all need to be more aware of.

So how did law enforcement discover the latest reshipping scams? Listen to Nethone’s Intelligence Specialist Michał Barbaś as he explains the latest credit card dumps and how carding forums and markets work.

Andrew Elliott
Content and Communication Specialist, Nethone

Michał Barbaś
Intelligence Specialist, Nethone

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Protect your business against fraud

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