How to escape the trap of eCommerce refund fraud

hosted by Hubert Rachwalski
Guest Dajana Gajic-Fisic

Listen to our new episode of the exChange podcast. This time Hubert Rachwalski, CEO at Nethone and Dajana Gajic-Fisic, Head of eCommerce risk & fraud at Finish Line will discuss the topic of refund fraud in online shops. Listen and learn!


The refund as a service is a real problem for merchants since it becomes more and more “professional” and “sophisticated”. To offer the best ‘refund policy' to customers, Fraud/CS departments need to collaborate closely. Listen carefully what other issues Hubert and Dajana were discussing:

  • Intro to the refund fraud
  • What are some tactics fraudsters use to complete the return fraud?
  • Refund as a service - how does professional refunding work?
  • What are the consequences for merchants and why is the problem?
  • Is BNPL influencing the refund problem on the merchant side?
  • What are the ways to fight back against it?


In addition Dajana shared her first-hand feedback on:

  • Tips for beginners - where to start? Where to reach out for help?
  • Real-life examples of implementing solutions that work
  • What are the newest pain points and how to approach them?


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Hubert Rachwalski
Chief Executive Officer, Nethone

Dajana Gajic-Fisic
Head of eCommerce Risk & Fraud, Finish Line

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Protect your business against fraud

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