Keep your guard up against Black Friday scams

hosted by Andrew Elliott
Guest Mateusz Chrobok

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In a special edition of the Darknet Summary, we talk with cybersecurity expert and Nethone’s R&D Advisor, Mateusz Chrobok, as he tells us how eCommerce businesses and online shoppers should prepare against Black Friday scams!


Black Friday scams

It can be a bit of a frenzy during Cyber week, and holiday scams are nothing new, however, with more people using eCommerce and M-Commerce, all manner of fraudulent activity increases as fraudstesr hide in an ocean of online users and transactions. Particularly popular amongst fraudsters are social engineering scams - but there are ways to detect and prevent typical Black Friday scams from succeeding. It's time keep your guard up against all types of fraud!

Andrew Elliott
Content and Communication Specialist, Nethone

Mateusz Chrobok
R&D Advisor, Nethone

Protect your business against fraud

Protect your business against fraud

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