Learn why crypto tokens are the future

hosted by Maciej Jamiołkowski
Guest Radosław Odyniec

Welcome to the first episode of the second season of Crypto Talks by Nethone! In the initial episode we talk about crypto tokens. If you want to find out what tokenization is and how it can be used, wait no more, and listen to our new podcast episode.


Two experts, Maciej Jamiołkowski, Business Development Lead at Nethone and Radosław Ordyniec, New Business Developer at Mosaico discuss the following:

  • What is tokenization, what is the contribution of blockchain in tokenization?
  • Is it easy to create a token on blockchain?
  • For whom is this solution dedicated?
  • What are the biggest advantages for creators and investors?
  • We are also sharing some tips on how tokenization can be used.



If you have any questions about the topic, please contact us directly via email contact@nethone.com.

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Maciej Jamiołkowski
Business Development Lead, Nethone

Radosław Odyniec
New Business Developer, mosaico

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