Payments and Fraud Prevention For Digital Goods

hosted by Hubert Rachwalski
Guest André Santos

Are you ready to listen to our newest episode of the exChange? This time Hubert Rachwalski, the CEO at Nethone, and brilliant André Santos, Senior Manager of Business Development at Huawei Consumer Business Group, prepared an insightful tutorial on how to set up payments and fraud prevention functions to fully grasp the market opportunity for a newly started digital goods platform.


Only good tips and best practices from experts to experts!

  • Why are we here? (COVID-induced online opportunity is massive)
  • How everything is going into digital and in some countries consumers have been adapting their consumption habits
  • Why is this relevant for you? (For all that plan to sell digital goods online)
  • How often payments and fraud issues are underrated when putting together a business and making a few first steps
  • Importance to have a good payments team and experienced analysts - mistakes can be very costly
  • How many business owners or Product managers are so focused on the “how” to deliver features and grow sales but do not understand if people are not able to buy, they cannot generate revenue, especially once entering the new markets
  • What can be done so that you are able to realize your full potential? How to think about Fraud/Risk not only from a protective measure but to turn that “topic” into data and insights on how to increase sales.
  • What data needs to be collected to deal with fraud issues effectively?
  • Do you need to have people to take care of it? What degree of automation is sensible?
  • What will your investors say, dependent on the fraud prevention setup you have in place?


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Hubert Rachwalski
Chief Executive Officer, Nethone

André Santos
Senior Manager of Business Development, Huawei

Protect your business against fraud

Protect your business against fraud

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