Should you embrace frictionless checkout?

hosted by Hubert Rachwalski
Guest Micheál Egan

Hubert Rachwalski, CEO of Nethone asked Micheál Egan, Head of Payments at if the frictionless experience should be a top priority for online merchants. His answer could be quite a surprise for some of you!


Listen to our newest episode of the exChange podcast by Nethone to find out:

  • How should frictionless experience look in an ideal situation?
  • Why is it so important to work towards providing it on the online payments platforms?
  • What obstacles do merchants experience on their way to achieving it?
  • What online fraud has to do with the frictionless checkout process?
  • Is it possible to provide a secure yet frictionless checkout experience for all users?
  • Should you implement a frictionless experience for all users?
  • What are the most important pros and cons of frictionless experience?
  • Why do some businesses drop the idea of a frictionless experience for all users?
  • What seems to be a perfect balance?
  • What tools could be used to provide the best possible user experience while keeping it secure?


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Hubert Rachwalski
Chief Executive Officer, Nethone

Micheál Egan
Head of Payments,

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Protect your business against fraud

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