The darknet and online romance scams

hosted by. Andrew Elliott
hosted by. Michał Barbaś

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In the latest episode of the Darknet Summry, we deal with matters of the heart - online romance scams (also referred to as online dating scams and pig butchering scams), which are fast becoming one of the biggest schemes in the world! When it comes to falling head over heels for someone, all too often, all reasoned thinking might go out the window. Most scammers know this and will use numerous techniques to reel in victims and then use their emotions against them to make money.


Online romance scams - it's not just about fraud, but raw emotion!

As we try to set emotions aside, from our own fraud intelligence point of view, we’re more interested in the methods scammers use to perpetrate their acts. Very often (but not always), this involves the help of darknet forums and marketplaces, according to threat intelligence company DarkOwl. Scammers will share their knowledge, tips and tricks (including social engineering attacks), and will even direct fellow scammers to purchase the right tools to commit online romance scams.

Listen to Nethone’s Intelligence Specialist Michał Barbaś explain how online romance scams work and how to spot them.

Andrew Elliott
Content and Communication Specialist, Nethone

Michał Barbaś
Intelligence Specialist, Nethone

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