TikTok | Be cybersmart to prevent fraud

hosted by Andrew Elliott
Guest Roland Cloutier

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In this special edition of our podcast, we talk to Roland Cloutier, Global Chief Security Officer at TikTok. We discuss how to be cybersmart to prevent fraud! By maintaining digital hygiene, you can go a long way in preventing successful fraud attempts against all your online accounts - whether it be on social media, eCommmerce stores or banking services!


TikTok: being cybersmart helps prevent fraud

With over 1.7 billion active monthly users, TikTok knows a thing or two about fighting fraudsters and scammers. Watch our insightful discussion to learn more about how best to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. And make sure to check out @tiktoktips to see how #tiktok users are encouraged to #becybersmart.

Andrew Elliott
Content and Communication Specialist, Nethone

Roland Cloutier
Global Chief Security Officer, TikTok

Protect your business against fraud

Protect your business against fraud

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