Q&A: Balancing Friction with an Effective Fraud Management Solution

During our webinar, industry panellists discussed how the world of eCommerce involves a fine balancing act, forcing security and risk professionals to pit sales growth against the need for frictionless customer experiences and fraud prevention. A discussion took place where our panelists explained that by deploying an advanced fraud solution backed up by machine learning models, you can ensure both.

Balancing friction with fraud management Q&A

On top of our dicussion, our panellists also answered questions put to them from the audience in a LIVE Q&A session. Not all questions sent to us could be answered in the limited time we had, however, for your benefit we have created a Q&A sheet containing responses to all points raised - even the ones we didn't raise during the webinar!

Read the insights and responses from industry experts on our panel, which included:

  • Guest speaker Andras Cser, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester a research and advisory firm working with business and technology leaders in a range of industries.

  • Agnieszka Urbańska, Payments Manager at Polish interactive footwear store eobuwie.pl.

  • Aleksander Kijek, Chief Innovation Officer at Nethone who bridges the gap between the tech and business teams, translating complex and technological ideas into clear client gains.

Download your frictionless Q&A sheet now!

Q&A Sheet: Balancing Friction with an Effective Fraud Management Solution

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