Become the next expert of the Crypto Talks podcast series!

Are you a cryptocurrency professional? We’re looking for you to join us and co-create upcoming episodes of the Crypto Talks - educational podcast series about the cryptocurrency industry. If you’d like to share your expertise, the Crypto Talks is the place to do so. We would be honoured to have you on board!

What is the Crypto Talks podcast?

Cryptocurrency is a topic that is growing in popularity, but there is a lack of channels with reliable information and proven expertise. Crypto Talks by Nethone is the place to exchange knowledge with others who provide Crypto services; wallets, exchanges or even Crypto payments. From experts to experts.

Each podcast episode is dedicated to explain all the complexities step-by-step, with industry leaders, who know the crypto world inside out.

We are present on the biggest podcast platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Amazon Podcast, Deezer, Youtube. Our previous videos have an average of 1.5K views.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for passionate crypto experts who would like to educate the market about current crypto topics. If you feel like your insights into the crypto market are valuable, do not hesitate to contact us. This is your opportunity to share them with the world and inspire the industry's enthusiasts!

How to apply?

Just contact Katarzyna Pazgan via email ( or LinkedIn and express willingness to participate. She will gladly discuss with you the details and potential podcast topics.

Meet our previous guests

The Crypto Talks already hosted many professionals:

You can be the next one. Contact us straight away.

Who are we? About Nethone

Nethone is a fraud protection company committed to solving online payment fraud, account takeover and improving credit scoring through a better understanding of online users.

We use a cutting‑edge profiling solution which enables comprehensive, in‑depth, multidimensional profiling of each online user. It gathers 5K+ raw data attributes (behavioural data, device fingerprinting, network intelligence) about every single visitor to understand their motives and intentions truly. Thanks to a proprietary use of Machine Learning techniques, we are able to analyze gathered information, segment traffic and block only fraud attempts and let legitimate customers finish their journey.

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