BidenCash: how carding sites gain notoriety | Darknet Summary

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In the latest episode, we’ll look at the emergence of BidenCash - a new carding site offering millions of people's valuable stolen credit card numbers and personally identifiable information (PII). Following the rise of new carding sites allows us to see how the admins of such sites aim to boost their notoriety and build up credibility among cybercriminals.

It's best to keep an eye on carding sites like BidenCash

Although carding sites have been around for roughly two decades, it is valuable to keep track of such services for various reasons. Firstly, companies and institutions need to be aware of specific online threat actors. Secondly, researching carding sites proves how the professionalisation of fraud is a very real occurrence, with cybercriminals running mouth-watering marketing campaigns to entice any would-be fraudsters looking to buy stolen details. Any company involved in risk management, like Nethone, must keep their thumbs on the pulse of the cybercriminal underworld to understand how they operate in order to build effective countermeasures.

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