Credit card dumps entice fraudsters to BidenCash

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In the latest Darknet Summary, we again revisit the BidenCash carding market. Back in July of 2022, we looked at how BidenCash was promoting itself with credit card dumps. We explained how carding site admins like to focus on marketing campaigns to garner interest in their services. Fast forward to October and BidenCash again made the news with further credit card dumps - this time leaking the details of 1.2 million credit cards.

Credit card dumps raise fraudster eyebrows!

Has this darknet marketing ploy worked? Is BidenCash flourishing or floundering? Repeatedly giving away credit card details for free is certain to raise the eyebrows of fraudsters!

Listen to Nethone’s Intelligence Specialist Michał Barbaś as he explains the latest credit card dumps and how carding forums and markets work.

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