The power of data - a new solution that guarantees a more secure online business

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  • ERIF Credit Bureau (ERIF BIG) and Nethone have joined forces and developed a product offer that will revolutionize the information exchange system and online customer risk assessment.
  • ERIF to the power of Nethone is a solution using advanced Nethone technology based on deep user profiling, Machine Learning and in-depth knowledge of measuring credibility and behavior of the consumer.

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At the beginning of April, during the annual ERIF Forum, Nethone and ERIF BIG announced the technological partnership. It applied to online business security and was based on the processing of large amounts of data. The cooperation declared during the April event resulted in a joint product - ERIF to the power of Nethone, affecting the quality and security of the information exchange system and client risk assessment.

The ERIF to the power of Nethone solution works online and gives real-time recommendations on the credibility of the user who submits the application. When ERIF provides reliable and comprehensive information on the payment credibility of consumers, Nethone enriches this context with over 5000 attributes, exhausting the "here-and-now" perspective in online channels, enabling effective anti-fraud protection, assessing the level of trust in relation to users visiting the customer's site, device identification, attribution and assistance in risk assessment. Thanks to this, ERIF to the power of Nethone is guaranteeing the increase in the accuracy of credit decisions, as well as improving efficiency and larger control over the costs and profitability of online transactions. In addition, the tool allows to reject fraudsters and users with low-credit scoring at the early stage of the verification process.

Nethone is an AI-driven company established in 2016, and from the beginning, it has been focused on detecting fraud in online transactions. It operates globally and supports large entities from travel and e-commerce industries. Among their clients, there are the eSky group, performing in nearly 30 countries, the largest Brazilian airline Azul and Polish Airlines LOT. Since the beginning of 2018, the company has been actively cooperating with the financial sector, including the ING Group. It also supports leading lending institutions in Poland and abroad.

From 2007, ERIF BIG offers access to a comprehensive, functional platform for exchanging multi-branch business information from the entire market. Majority of data are related to consumer obligations. ERIF BIG provides services for the largest institutions and enterprises in Poland, including the financial (banks, lending institutions, insurance, leasing, and factoring companies) and non-financial sector (telecommunication, TV and Internet providers). It also serves the secondary debt market and the local government sector. Thanks to the ERIF data and solutions, it is possible to effectively assess the payment credibility of the client, reduce credit risk and increase the effectiveness of the debt recovery process. ERIF BIG offers full support to partners at every stage of cooperation.

The combination of the informational value of ERIF historical data and in-depth “here-and-now” understanding of the user provided by Nethone’s profiling tool is the offer that will allow many Polish online businesses to grow faster - explains Hubert Rachwalski, Nethone CEO.

We were missing such a service in the market. Combining two categories of data - economics data and details about the transaction performed by the customer applying for a financial product, into one technology, will increase the efficiency of customer assessment and onboarding processes for our partners - says Edyta Szymczak, ERIF BIG president of the board. An undeniable added value is the implementation simplicity and savings of the cooperation. We are now focusing on a new quality and creating a new value on the data exchange market.

About Nethone

Nethone is a global provider of KYU (Know Your User) solutions based on artificial intelligence which helps enterprises transform threats and challenges into accurate, profitable business decisions. Nethone's solutions allow companies to simultaneously protect themselves against losses and increase profits. Such solutions include i.e. top-class security against fraud, real-time tools for adaptive segmentation and customer retention, and behavioral analysis in banking systems to prevent account takeover. More information about the company can be found at


ERIF Credit Bureau has built a comprehensive source of knowledge about the financial condition and payment behavior of consumers, business entities, and institutions. In its register, it collects data on both outstanding liabilities (negative information), as well as the ones that have been settled on time (positive information). The company has been operating on the market since 2003. It is a part of the KRUK Group. More information about the company can be found at

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