The exChange e06 | Fraud prevention in eCommerce - how to do it well
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Welcome to our next episode of The exChange - podcast series for ecommerce merchants. In this episode we talk about fraud prevention in eCommerce and how to do it with best results.

We are very happy that Shawn Colpitts, a.k.a. The Fraudelist, joined Patrick Drexler (Head of Business Development at Nehone) in the 6th episode of the exChange, to discuss fraud prevention strategies for eCommerce businesses. Shawn is the Senior Fraud Investigator within the Global Fraud Operations Team of a large, international eCommerce merchant. With over a decade of experience in roles that utilize data and behavioral analysis, he has been tackling fraud for the last two years upon his company's worldwide platforms.

Listen to this episode to find out:

  • Which types of fraud have you experienced to be most difficult to handle?
  • How important is the cooperation of different departments internally to fight the different types of fraud?
  • How to prioritize the different types of fraud based on the impact on the actual business?
  • How much (in %) should one invest in fraud prevention?
  • Should fraud be managed by the payment team or is it recommended to have it outsourced?


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