Nethone Darknet Summary | January 2022 | Card not present fraud report

Welcome to Nethone's Darknet Summary! In this month’s episode, we look back at 2021 - the year when payment card fraud dominated the darkweb, aided by the rise in eCommerce during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The growth of online shopping has allowed fraudsters to use tactics that take advantage of vulnerabilities in eCommerce platforms, allowing them to skim consumer credit card details, which are then sold online.

Card not present fraud report 2021

We will pay particular attention to American cybercrime agency Gemini Advisory's newly released annual report. In it, their analysts highlight that the levels of Card Present records offered for sale on the dark web have continued to decline, whereas the availability of Card Not Present records continues to grow.

Listen to our podcast to find out more as Intelligence Specialist Michał Barbaś helps summarise the latest Darknet news.

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