Nethone Darknet Summary | December | Credit Card Fraud | Stolen Logs Markets

Welcome to Nethone's Darknet Summary! In this month’s episode we we find ourselves returning to the issue of credit card fraud. Cybercriminals are continually looking for innovative ways to steal and benefit from your details. By using social engineering techniques, botnets, malware and security flaws in trusted services, fraudsters gain credit card information and data rich logs. Nethone Darknet Summary Credit Card Fraud Stolen Logs Markets

Credit Card Fraud & Logs Markets...

  • how fraudsters take advantage of security loopholes in Google Tag Manager as highlighted by cybercrime company Gemini Advisory.
  • the rise in popularity of logs markets such as Genesis and 2easy, where fraudsters sell stolen data.
  • how cybercriminals used social engineering techniques to steal credit card details from victims in Iran.

Listen to our podcast to find out more as Intelligence Specialist Michał Barbaś helps summarise the latest Darknet news.

If you enjoyed listening and are interested in the issues raised, and would like to prevent similar fraudulent activities occurring in your business, Nethone's anti-fraud solution is perfect for you.

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