Nethone featured in 2021 Ecommerce Fraud Trends Report
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Patrick Drexler, Head of Business Development at Nethone, shares his insights on fraud trends in the latest report published by Merchant Fraud Journal. MFJ Ecommerce Fraud Trends Report 2021 Just to mention a few of the topics on Nethone's top trends list:

  • in Brazil, the new PIX system will be a tremendous challenge, for both providers and customers
  • in wide parts of Africa, mobile money is growing massively and is very sensitive to fraud due to the lack of available data attached to such payments
  • a frictionless user experience as the biggest challenge, especially associated with account based payments
  • in(direct) relation phishing attacks and ID theft will certainly increase
  • merchants who sell stolen customer accounts are expanding to the Clearnet (you can find them on Twitter, Discord, etc.) and ATO techniques are swelling on mobile devices.

The report covers answers for three main areas:

  • How will COVID-19 continue to influence eCommerce fraud prevention in 2021?
  • What are the trends in privacy regulation (ie. GDPR) and payments regulation (ie. PSD2) that will impact merchants and the eCommerce fraud prevention industry?
  • What will be the biggest 2021 eCommerce fraud trend that is currently being overlooked?

Patrick Drexler is answering these questions in the recently released Merchant Fraud Journal’s 2021 Ecommerce Fraud Trends Report.

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Nethone is featured in the 2021 Ecommerce Fraud Trends Report


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