Nethone Fights Fraud in Games Industry

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Nethone, a data science company specialized in fraud prevention and Business Intelligence, launches globally to make in-game and marketplace payments truly seamless, help merchants protect their bottom line, and ease data-driven business decision making.

Fraudsters play upon the lack of sophisticated online identity verification and authentication tools in the games industry to steal digital goods worth millions of dollars. Moreover, crooks use various geospoofing techniques to take advantage of regional price differences and illegally trade in software on the underground market. Game merchants strive to stop criminals and slyboots by applying various screening and verification techniques but those in most cases negatively affect User Experience and lock sales. Nethone is here to address this burning issue.

The company provides truly effective prevention mechanisms against fraud of various kinds, including payment fraud, identity theft fraud, geospoofing and more. It also brings a comprehensive suite of data mining tools one can use to obtain unique business insights and apply accurate, frictionless Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. Nethone solutions leverage diverse technologies, including advanced Machine Learning powered by rich data collected from a multitude of sources, User Profiling and unique expertise of the team. The system enables among others:

  • effective VPN detection,
  • in-depth Behaviour Analytics,
  • real-time blocking of automated access attempts.

As a result, thanks to Nethone, game merchants can automatically and more accurately than ever: discern legitimate transactions from fraud attempts in real time, detect geospoofing, predict numerous indicators and truly data-drive their business.

The idea behind Nethone is to give game merchants a comprehensive suite of Business Intelligence solutions they can use to simultaneously stem fraud and boost sales – said Aleksander Kijek, VP of Operations, Nethone. By comprehensive I mean combining hi-tech, human ingenuity and business insight. We provide whatever is needed in each single case, including the right data and appropriate technologies. Moreover, we do not charge merchants for each technology we apply. Nethone is a one-stop- shop with no hidden fees.

Nethone is a SaaS solution. It leverages RESTful APIs and an authorial profiling JavaScript. Integration with the system is smooth and easy. The procedure takes up to 2 weeks but thanks to Nethone Instant Rescue on-demand service, merchants under heavy fraud siege can get help within 24 hours.

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