Nethone selected by Thales for its elite cybersecurity programme at STATION F in Paris

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  • Nethone is the only young company from the CEE region participating in the elite cybersecurity programme run by Thales at STATION F – the world’s biggest startup campus located in Paris.
  • **In October, after a rigorous selection process, the Warsaw-based company specialising in the creation of cutting-edge Fraud Prevention and Business Intelligence solutions joined STATION F along with 8 other startups from all around the world. **
  • **Throughout the 6-month-long stay in the French capital, a dedicated part of Nethone team will work on addressing the needs of one of the Thales’ clients from their core markets (Aerospace, Transport, Defence and Security market) as well as receive extensive support and mentoring from Thales’s experts in various fields. **
  • **The admission to the programme is a development milestone for Nethone and the Polish cybersecurity industry. **


Nethone – a leading provider of AI-driven Anti-fraud and Business Intelligence solutions – has been selected by Thales – a global technology leader for the Aerospace, Transport, Defence and Security markets – for its elite cybersecurity programme held at STATION F – the biggest startup campus in the world. Thales has chosen 9 startups (4 from France and 5 from abroad – Poland, US, Israel, Switzerland and Netherlands), adding value to its global cybersecurity offer and complementary to each other, offering solutions that cover the whole cybersecurity chain.

During the 6-month-long programme, the Nethone team will receive extensive support from Thales’s experts. Throughout a number of mentoring and brainstorming sessions, as well as day-to-day cooperation on-site, Nethone tech and business specialists will draw on Thales’ wealth of experience in product development, strategy and more.

Nethone’s participation in the programme is intended to result in a massive commercial implementation of its solutions by one of Thales’s clients.

The core technology developed by Nethone and now appreciated by the programme’s jury is its in-depth user profiling tool. The profiler extracts rich data featuring each user interacting with an online service, be it a website or a native application. It collects information about their software, hardware, network environment, and behaviour. Nethone leverages this data to feed custom Machine Learning models trained to accurately predict fraud attempts or to provide actionable business insights.

Since our official kick-off back in 2016, Nethone has been scaling-up at an outstanding pace. From the very beginning, our mission is to create solutions that help organizations turn threats into well-informed profitable decisions – said Hubert Rachwalski, COO, Nethone. We believe that fulfilling this mission is possible only through continuous learning, keeping our eyes and minds wide-open and remaining always knowledge-hungry. I am glad that thanks to the cybersecurity programme at STATION F we can learn from the best.

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