Japan seeks to partner with Polish FinTech solution companies

Several months ago, I received an invitation from Polish Embassy in Tokyo, Japan to speak at the the Seminar on Poland’s technologies for FinTech. This event provided a perfect opportunity to show not only how data can drive business thanks to Artificial Intelligence but also to present Nethone’s innovations in this area. I returned from Tokyo two days ago and wanted to share some observations about FinTech solution companies in Japan, my visit and the events I spoke at.

Polish fintech solution companies in Japan Photo: Maciej Komorowski for Polish Embassy in Tokyo

Polish FinTech solution Companies working with Japanese counterparts

Firstly I would like to thank His Excellency The Ambassador for the invitation and the honourable attendees to the Seminar. The list of Japanese technical innovations is truly world class – the compact disc, the floppy disk, the portable music player, video cassettes, digital SLR cameras, flat panel displays, the pocket calculator, quartz wristwatches…. The list goes on and on. Now Japan is seeking to partner with world class companies in the field of Fintech.

For those of you who have not visited Tokyo I cannot recommend it enough. It is one of the world’s great cities. Nowhere else in the world does history and culture live side by side with technological advancement. In Japan you are always an honoured guest and the welcome extended to visitors makes every trip a pleasure.

The Seminar gathered more than hundred professionals and experts from Japanese banking and insurance sector, venture capital and technology firms as well as FinTech start-ups. From the 50 appointed Polish companies, only 7 were chosen during the audiences’ voting to make the presentation.

Nethone was one of the privileged ones. At the Seminar you could also listen to some great speeches from, among others:

  • uPaid – “uPaid product and solutions on multifunctional digital payment wallets_“_
  • Billon – “Billon – World’s 1st E-Money Current account on specialised Blockchain”
  • Finanteq – “Open Banking Platform with Mobile Commerce“

During my time in Japan I was impressed by the desire to implement the latest innovations in this sector to improve the user experience. From long established to challenger banks, systems integrators, insurance providers and merchants the delegates showed a determination to utilise the best global fintech developments for the benefits of their clients. For those of you that follow my posts you will not be surprised to hear that my presentations focused on two areas – how improved cyber security benefits the user experience and why organisations should deploy the latest AI driven solutions to counter the advance threats that are faced by all organisations.

The reaction following both presentations demonstrated the commitment to both cyber security and the user experience. The presentations given by all speakers demonstrated the world class excellence offered by Polish technology companies. Excellence in business is a sentiment that is shared by both Polish and Japanese organisations. Once again I would like to say many thanks to His Excellency the Ambassador and the honoured guests for making both events an outstanding success.

Following these events my follow up meetings are already booked and I look forward to my next visit to one of the greatest cities on earth.

If you would like see my presentation as well as other speakers, please visit Do IT with Poland website, where materials will be available.

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