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Rodrigo Camacho, CCO at Nethone, shares his insights on fraud trends in the latest report by Merchant Fraud Journal. Nethone eCommerce Fraud Trends Report 2020 The battle between business and cybercriminals is a never-ending story. Fraud attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated, and so merchants need to improve their tools to fight them. The law is trying to follow the ever-changing digital world and help the merchants - for example, by enforcing PSD2. But how will it affect sales?

What are the technological trends that will help merchants deal with fraud attacks? What are the biggest 2020 trends that fraud prevention solution providers are preparing for? How does PSD2 impact merchants doing business in Europe?

Rodrigo Camacho is answering these questions in the recently released Merchant Fraud Journal’s 2020 Ecommerce Fraud Trends Report.

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Nethone is featured in the MFJ Ecommerce Fraud Trends Report


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