Rivalry in the Russian language darknet

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In this month’s episode, we look into a parallel conflict taking place in the Russian language darknet. Pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian Russian-speaking cybercriminals are pitting themselves against each other with rival forums and marketplaces, seeking to fill the void left by the closure of Hydra Marketplace.

The Russian language darknet has fractured!

What’s unique about this situation is that prior to the war in Ukraine, there was an element of comradery in the Russian-speaking darknet. The result was the dominance and sophistication of Russian-speaking cybercrime circles - from where the majority of global fraud originated. This credo, built up over the years, is now fractured.

Listen to Nethone’s Intelligence Specialist Michał Barbaś to learn what will be the outcome of this parallel conflict and how it will affect global fraud issues over the next few years!

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