The exChange E012 - Promo abuse and how to avoid it – a few tips

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Gregor Ohmann talks with Patrick Drexler about promo abuse that scales up during holidays. They discuss how to avoid it in a competitive and fast-changing eCommerce environment which requires merchants to prepare split-second decisions when verifying consumers and reducing promo abuse.

Podcast guests:
Gregor Ohmann, Team Lead Fraud at GALERIA Karstadt Kaufho

Patrick Drexler, Head of Business Development in Nethone

Considered questions:

  • How did eCommerce change during the pandemic?
  • What are some tactics fraudsters use to complete the promo abuse?
  • What are the biggest challenges for e-commerce?
  • How to overcome ATO during black Friday and the holidays
  • What are the consequences for merchants, and what problems do they have with ATO?
  • What are the ways to fight back against it?
  • What are the best practices to avoid promo abuse?

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