The exChange e02 - learn the power of AI and marketing automation in eCommerce
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We start 2021 with a strong dose of eCommerce automation knowledge coming from our podcast's experts - Andre Floriano Head of Customer Education Academy at edrone and Maciej Jamiołkowski Senior Business Development Executive at Nethone. exChange e02 The topic of the second episode of the exChange podcast series is: The powerful ways of using AI and marketing automation in eCommerce. During the new year's conversation, the gentlemen went through the following issues:

Looking back to 2020 - what happened in eCommerce last year:

  • Who is a “winner” and who lost since lockdown has started
  • What are the consequences in the long & and short term?
  • How is AI influencing the eCommerce industry and how it has all started?
  • Where can AI and marketing automation be applied and whene it will be?

Press play and enjoy!


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