The exChange e08 - How to prevent an account takeover in eCommerce
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Do you know what the account takeover (ATO) is? Are you aware of its consequences and why it has such a bad reputation? Can you protect yourself and your business from this type of online fraud? If you answered 'No' to at least one of the questions, you should definitely listen carefully to our newest episode of the exChange podcast!

Patrick Drexler, Head of Business Development at Nethone hosted an extremely insightful session with Benjamin Toombs, Senior Program Manager at WarnerMedia so you can find out:

  1. What is ATO and how much does it actually cost?
  2. What are some bizzare tactics fraudsters use to commit ATO?
  3. What consequences can the account takeover for the subscriber have?
  4. How does account takeover changed after fraudsters started using AI/ ML?
  5. When ATO happens the most often and why? How to prevent it?
  6. Is it possible to detect the signs of an account takeover before the customer is affected?
  7. How can clients/customers protect themselves from ATO?
  8. What is the difference in the security of large and small companies?


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