There's trouble in carding forums and markets | Darknet Summary

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In the latest Darknet Summary, we look at the trouble brewing in carding forums and markets. We often think about fraudsters as being one large group of kindred spirits, working in cahoots to defraud large companies, organisations and financial institutions. But the truth is, fraudsters will use any means possible to make financial gains, which includes turning on each other - and there has been a recent increase in such cases.

Fake carding forums, markets and shops - it's a trap!

So now we pose a question in the form of a tongue twister: just how are scammers scamming other scammers? Experienced fraudsters have created fake carding forums, markets and shops to take advantage of tech amateurs looking to become fraudsters.

Listen to Nethone’s Intelligence Specialist Michał Barbaś to learn more about fake carding forums and markets.

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