Women in Fintech: Nethone’s Fraud Fighters

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Working in FinTech, we’ve come to realise that the no. of women in the industry, although increasing, is still quite low. Did you know that only 12% of senior positions are held by women in FinTech? At Nethone, women are involved in all parts of our business, from development of our advanced fraud solution to its promotion. But this is not enough. We aim to highlight some of the women in key positions in Nethone with our ‘Women in FinTech’ series of blog posts, showing that experience and not gender is a key factor in gaining meaningful employment opportunities. FinTech can be part of the process to achieving gender equity. Women in Fintech

Women in FinTech: the heart of Nethone’s advanced fraud solution

In this post, you will be able to easily read the profiles of Nethone’s women that have featured in our Women in FinTech series. Their experience shines through, and you can learn about how they have applied this knowledge to their roles and interactions with customers. Our series began with a look at the role of fraud fighting from the customer success perspective with Yael Abel Silberstein detailing how empathy and having a customer-centric approach can produce great results. This was followed by insight from Anna Sternicka about the process of developing Nethone’s advanced fraud solution. Our series is expanding, looking at women from various departments and geographies. Below you can find a snippet of what’s currently on offer via individual blog posts filled with the everyday details that go into fraud fighting.

We believe that the FinTech industry can help lead the way in achieving gender equality. And why are we so confident about this? Because FinTech already has a track record of social inclusion, as is clear in Brazil - the rise of e-Commerce, M-Commerce and digital banking have provided opportunities to people in society’s peripheral communities to gain access to the goods and services that were not previously available to them. Intrigued? Learn more in Bruna Luise Müller’s post (below) about her FinTech journey in Brazil.

Meet Nethone’s Women in FinTech

Women in FinTech, Yael Abel Silberstein Yael Abel Silberstein, Head of Customer Success

Yael has been in the payments industry for 17 years and believes that payment is a way of communication, where you can find the influences of both local and global trends. Yael began her managerial career in customer service, before moving to Risk management. This experience led to being appointed Head of Customer Success at Nethone, bridging the communication gap between the creators of the company's advanced e-Commerce fraud solution and the customers who use it on a daily basis. Read Yael’s insight into customer success and the most common mistakes in eCommerce fraud prevention in (also in F10).

Women in FinTech Anna Sternicka Anna Sternicka, Senior Product Manager

Anna has 5+ years of experience as a Product Manager, having worked for several major companies. In the fast-paced age of continually updating software solutions, it is Anna’s role in Nethone to oversee and ensure a smooth process for those wishing to implement and use the company's advanced fraud solution. The tech is advanced, requiring great skill to create it, but likewise great skill is needed to share the knowledge in how to use it effectively to protect e-Commerce payments. Learn more about Anna’s contribution to fighting fraud in her blog post.

Women in FinTech Bruna Luise Müller Bruna Luise Müller, Senior Customer Success Manager

Bruna has been working in Customer Success for the last 9 years, and at Nethone is in charge of customers from different geographies, especially in Brazil, being the voice of these customers within the company. Bruna is a technology enthusiast and fascinated by the use of data to generate knowledge and help businesses to solve problems. Nethone's purpose in fighting fraud is a key motivator in helping businesses to grow safely. Read more about Bruna and Nethone’s FinTech journey in Brazil.

Kasia Jamborska VP Business Developemt Kasia Jamborska, Vice President of Business Development

Kasia has international experience in eCommerce solutions for the fashion and beauty industries and has worked for various companies in both Europe and the United States. Kasia is passionate about IT solutions (for the Fashion and Beauty industries) that help enhance brand growth. Joining Nethone has allowed Kasia to meet the growing demand for online fraud prevention solutions for brands and retailers dealing with luxury eCommerce. Find Kasia's full blog post here.

Raising awareness of women in FinTech can lead to gender equity

As our company grows, we wish to continue making the best possible contribution to fighting online payment fraud. But this is one part of our aims. We also wish to help lead the way by being as inclusive as we possibly can - and being a forward thinking FinTech company allows us to make progress. To help raise awareness of these efforts, we aim to continue our women in FinTech series with more future posts and articles that can aid the process whose outcome of achieving gender equity.

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