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Code and continuous integrations are essential to fraud prevention and business intelligence

We believe a solution to all your fraud-related problems lies in code and its constant development. All our Machine Learning models are based on comprehensive data gathered by our profiler, provided by our clients and relevant third-party data.

Of course, it’s not a finished process (as fraudsters never sleep) and we obsessively seek out improvements because we believe that fraud prevention can only be successful with:

Easy integration
Get running, profiling and collecting data within minutes. Send historical datasets for Machine Learning to our experts.
Iterative upgrades
Access the latest technologies, plugin 3rd party APIs at will or send historical datasets to power Machine Learning.
Strong documentation
Get full API documentation and so much more, from payment risk information to alternative strategies and tutorials.

How does our anti-fraud solution work?

The Nethone’s system works towards profiling the users on the merchant site, detecting fraudulent behaviour and providing business intelligence insights. We collect all data out there starting from merchant’s databases through user’s interactions within their website.

The said data needs to be sent to our proprietary Machine Learning algorithms, tailor-made by our data scientists. It is delivered through the Inquiry API, Events API, Transactions API and Profiling Solution.

Profiling Solution
Nethone also collects data about each user through the Profiler. The constant challenge is to come up with new ways to screen users’ interactions with the website or application in order to better understand them.
Inquiry API
Inquiry API is designed as the one to receive the request at the moment of critical action that is to be assessed and to return the recommendation for it. Risk assessment is a direct result of analysis made by AI models and algorithms set up for a given account.
Events API
Events API allows developers to post sample information about actions made by users. By collecting data on how users are interacting with your product, we can build even more effective AI models to detect fraud trans-actions and discern malicious from friendly fraudsters (or rather weeding out the friendly fraudsters from regular customers as they are quite similar to each other).
Transactions API
Transactions API is designed to mirror the transaction’s objects in the merchant and/or PSP system. It also allows passing on their status to the system giving feedback on what happened with them in the end (e.g. a refund or chargeback has been issued).

We offer a light integration

We can get up and running in less than 2 weeks for very agile clients. 2 months for large enterprises.

Integration in 5 simple steps:

We discuss the whole process with you, provide you with our documentation, sign the contract and exchange the encryption keys
You are provided with an integration package with all the credentials. We integrate through the APIs.
We verify the data provided with us and check if we have everything that we’ll need to protect you in the coming days
We make sure that the integration process is done and everything works impeccably
Integration successful!
We protect you 24/7

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