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We take all the heavy lifting off your plate: no more rules, much less manual review. You gain behavioural insights about users while false positives and chargebacks drop.

Digital goods and services

When you sell online subscriptions, game codes, eBooks, gift cards, digital currencies, you are on the fraudsters’ radar. Trust us and gain less friction, more security and revenue.


Nethone Guard was born in the travel sector so we know it inside and out. Never again pay for unnecessary chargebacks and suffer from the lost business due to false positives.

Digital lending

By gathering over 5,000 attributes for every user, we support risk management by segmenting your traffic. Then you can decide who and on what terms can get a loan or not.

What value do we bring our clients?

We help you lower your chargeback rates, manual review rates, and risk of fraud.
We do this without touching the UX of your service.

How do we prevent fraud and chargebacks?

We recognize hardware, expose network characteristics, and understand user behaviour.
In less than 1 second we uncover users’ motivations and detect fraud.

Profiling Pillar

Exhaustive ‘here-and-now’ user profiling

We built a tool which extracts 5,000+ attributes for every single one of your users. We shed light on more than just declarative data. We exhaust the full context by detecting the lowest possible characteristics regarding the device, network, and behaviour.

Datahub Pillar

Seamless data hub

The more data, the better. Therefore, we have built an API which can become your data analysis hub. You can plug-in any third party data sources you want or simply send more data about a given session for our models to learn from.

Machine Learning Pillar

Thoroughly tested Machine Learning

We have spent years crunching all the gathered data to find automated ways of spotting non-obvious correlations and patterns. All this happens lightning-fast to provide you with actionable insights specific for your industry.

Data Science Pillar

Human ingenuity at your disposal

You’re never alone with our fraud prevention tool - Nethone Guard. From day one, you have a dedicated Data Scientist. This person will be responsible for the creation of the Machine Learning engines which will be preventing fraud for you.

Proven track record in fraud detection and business empowerment

Our technology and expertise helped clients improve their businesses

drop in manual review of international online travel agency
drop in chargeback rate for a travel company entering a new market
traffic saved thanks to Know Your Users for an eCommerce platform
blocked traffic without a single legitimate digital lending customer rejected

They already trusted us:

Nethone has created a set of deep user profiling tools that together with heavy expertise in machine learning allow us to better understand our end customers.
Konrad Howard
Konrad Howard
Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer
Nethone's solution for behavioral data analysis allows us to efficiently and transparently reduce risk in our transactions — something that is essential for the success of our business.
Carlo Restelli
Carlo Restelli
VP of Risk
Nethone's behavioural analysis provided us with new methods to automatically identify our good customers, in addition to new types of fraud.
Felipe Maia
Felipe Maia
Coordenador Prevenção a Fraude
Nethone's innovative cybersecurity system is a priority for the travel industry especially during the pandemic. They are able to adapt quickly in this risky environment while restoring confidence. We’ve had great feedback from our corporate partners, especially from their stellar team.
Amir Amidi
Amir Amidi
Managing Partner
Nethone has a very similar approach to fraud prevention as ours and technology that seems to be one of the best in the market. We highly appreciate Nethone's Know Your User (KYU) approach to users profiling.
Hideaki Koga
Hideaki Koga
Executive Officer
Nethone has developed an innovative cybersecurity system for satellite control centers. We can't wait to launch their technology into space.
Franck Perrin
Franck Perrin
Cybersecurity Expertise Engineer
We value the entire Nethone system, connection graphs and fingerprint analysis. Also, we feel confident with their anti-fraud solution during our promo campaigns. The results we achieved together allow us also to use Nethone in investment and identity fraud.
Paweł Przybytniak
Paweł Przybytniak
Head of Risk
Bitcan managed to find a partner who, with its flexible offer, adapted to the needs of the currency exchange and increased the security of its customers. In just over 2 months, Nethone managed to significantly reduce the level of blocked traffic from 60% to 25%.
Piotr Bień
Piotr Bień
Chief Operating Officer of Litpay Group
Having a professional FDP solution is a crucial part of our product, that is why we are analysing all traffic with them. Thanks to Nethone we can maintain a low fraud ratio. We also highly appreciate their flexibility and customer care.
Przemysław Kowalczyk
Przemysław Kowalczyk
Brazil is a very high-risk geography when it comes to payment fraud. Nethone has been allowing us to navigate this risky environment for the last 2 years.
Larissa Kitahara
Larissa Kitahara
Country Manager
Nethone has developed a solution that helps us minimize transaction risks when offering invoice financing to entrepreneurs and small enterprises. We look forward to the further enhancement of the service which will help us support our clients in running their business.
Łukasz Adamczyk
Łukasz Adamczyk
Product Development Expert at Innovation LAB
Nethone has proved that innovative partnership allowing to combine two contexts of data for creditworthiness and risk assessment can work to the benefit of our business partners.
Edyta Szymczak
Edyta Szymczak
President of the Management Board
Highly accurate recommendations given by Nethone allowed us to significantly reduce the time invested in manual reviews. Insights from the dashboard are very useful in day-to-day operations and the panel itself can be easily used by remote employees.
Michał Pawlik
Michał Pawlik
Co-Founder and CEO

Panel - the way we visualize all of these data

Our panel also has a state of the art case manager for your fraud team. They can use it to automate their day-to-day activities to gain more time and information to tackle the most challenging cases that fall into manual reviews.


Aggregated traffic characteristics in a specified time frame

Let’s say you want to determine the traffic on your website in the context of fraud and payments.
The panel is the start of a comprehensive view of user profiles, visualization of data, and tracking of ML decisions based on signals and connections.

Nethone dashboard example


User’s activity session within the platform

In the Profiling Details view, you can see all the user’s activity (e.g. creating account or adding product to the cart) within one session. All their actions are gathered in a consecutive order on a timeline which we refer to as profiling.

Nethone profiling example

Triggered signals

View of fraudulent attempts, events, block and pass requests

When looking at a given inquiry the first thing you will see are the signals which were triggered. Signals, in short, are notifications about abnormal situations which may be indicators of a higher probability of fraud. [...]

Nethone trigerred signals example


List of user’s actions that trigger Nethone’s recommendation

Different symbols represent different inquiries within the same activity session of the user. For example, you can check what card was used and find out that it was different for both inquiries.

Nethone inquires example


Interactive display of user’s activities and geolocalisation

The map view gives you in a quick glance all the geographic information you need about a given transaction attempt. Where did they buy from? What route did they buy? Where is the card from?

Nethone map example

Connection Graph

Analyze the web of relations in your merchant ecosystem

We are particularly proud of what we call the connection graph which shows the links between different profilings. All the nodes presented on the graph are related to each other by some feature. As you can notice these two profilings are connected by the same email address, user, IP address and cookie. [...]

Nethone connection graph example


Preference selection for a specific client

You can customise the graph by changing the depth of the displayed connections and by selecting which features you want to track.

Nethone customisation example

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