Grow business with customer profiling,predictive models,real-time insights,fraud prevention

Data-driven predictive intelligence and machine learning. Our user-friendly tools reveal performance insights and prevent fraud

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Nethone’s cutting-edge profiler and predictive intelligence create signals in real-time, so you can prevent threats and leverage opportunities unique to your business.


Business Intelligence

Higher conversions

Upsell potential

Adaptive segmentation

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Fraud Prevention

Stop payment fraud

Halt promo fraud

Control affiliate fraud

State-of-the-art features at your fingertips

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Device fingerprinting

X-ray each device used for browsing your website and capture unique hardware and software identifiers

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Advanced analytics

Obtain actionable business insights derived from user-website interactions, software/hardware specs and provided data

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Predictive AI

Stay always ahead of the game thanks to custom adaptive models fuelled in real time with rich contextual data

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One-Stop-Shop cockpit

Monitor key events and signals, clearly visualise your data and smoothly undertake the right actions

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Identification of Returning Customers

Automatically identify and track "returning users" before they even return

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Network environment intelligence

Thoroughly understand the context of each interaction with your website thanks to the in-depth network stack analysis

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Regularities/anomalies detection

Make the complexity of Big Data your competitive advantage by understanding the most sophisticated interdependencies

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Bulletproof infrastructure

Relay on top-grade IT infrastructure, meeting the strictest corporate standards in terms of security, agility, and scalability

Case studies

One-stop-shop decision cockpit

We have built a user-friendly dashboard to enable you and your colleagues to make the right decisions in real-time.


timelineSession timeline

See as much, or as little, as you want to see about a user.


naviIntuitive Navigation

Everything flows elegantly from one metric or signal to another.


flagAt-a-glance Signals

Get a full view of fraudulent attempts, events, block and pass requests.


signalsConnection Graph

Analyze the web of relations in your merchant ecosystem.

Be it saving you from a fraud siege, protecting your bottom line or providing actionable business insights — Nethone helps you grow your top line.


Beautiful code and continuous integrations are fundamental to fraud prevention and business intelligence in the modern world. We put developers first with robust, flexible and scalable APIs and the documentation to back it.


Easy Integration

Get running, profiling and collecting data within minutes. Send historical datasets for machine learning to our experts.


Iterative Improvements

Access the latest technologies, plug in 3rd party APIs at will or send historical datasets to power machine learning.


Strong Documentation

Get full API documentation and so much more, from payment risk information to alternative strategies and tutorials.


Powered By Ultra-modern, Proven Technologies

Combating fraud today is an arms race of many proven digital technologies working together in real-time.

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unique metrics
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Machine Learning

To crunch the abundance of data gathered through the whole user flow, we use advanced Machine Learning algorithms. Those provide superb accuracy and enable automatic adaptation of the system to the dynamics of the market and the counter fraud battlefield reality.


Pattern recognition

Nethone is a comprehensive solution, taking a holistic approach to the user interaction - before, during and after the assessed event (e.g. payment / checkout). This enables us to spot anomalies or artificial behavioural patterns.


Device Insights

Nethone profiler enables a deep dive into any device used to interact with your website. Among detailed device features, we are able to assess the GPU capabilities, processing power, connection type, use of a virtual machine or a VPN connection.


Bullet-proof infrasctructure

In-house developed system with minimalism and simplicity as the driving philosophy that leads to peak performance with high scalability. Empowered by AWS to fulfill highest security requirements, most stringent standards and 24/7 reliability.

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