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We aimed to improve the automatic authentication of good customers, improving our customers’ experience and consequently lowering the cost of anti-fraud with manual analysis.

Felipe Maia

Coordenador Prevenção a Fraude

What do our clients say?

Felipe Maia

Coordenador Prevenção a Fraude, Azul

“We improved the automatic authentication of good customers and our customers’ experience."

Paweł Przybytniak

Head of Risk, Smartney

“We value the entire Nethone system, connection graphs, and fingerprint analysis. ”

Łukasz Kamiński

Board Member & Head of Risk, Wonga

“We picked Nethone because they were able to provide real-time configuration, communicating quickly to our requests.”

Piotr Bień


“In 2 months, Nethone managed to significantly reduce the level of blocked traffic from 60% to 25%.”

Larissa Kitahara

Country Manager, eDestinos

“Nethone has been allowing us to navigate the Brazilian risky environment for the last 2 years.”

Przemysław Kowalczyk

Co-founder, Ramp

"Thanks to Nethone, we can maintain a low fraud ratio. We also appreciate their flexibility and customer care."

Carlo Restelli

VP of Risk, Grover

“Nethone's solution for behavioral data analysis allows us to efficiently reduce risk in our transactions.”

Konrad Howard

CPO, Booksy

“Nethone's set of deep user profiling tools and their heavy expertise in ML allow us to better understand our users.”

Floor Tuinstra

Head of Product, UBsend

“Nethone's team is very skilled in establishing successful partnerships with clients and stakeholders.”

Łukasz Adamczyk

Product Owner, ING Finansowanie Faktur

“Nethone's solution helps us minimize transaction risks when offering invoice financing.”

Nethone’s case studies

How we solved two types of fraud attacks, identity theft and investment fraud, without touching affecting UX.


Online lending & BNPL

We enabled increased conversion rates and lowered the overall chargeback rate and the amount of manually-reviewed traffic for a large fashion marketplace.



We significantly reduced a bank’s instances of social engineering fraud on their mobile banking app.



The Brazilian airline company Azul is now fully effective in preventing fraud while ensuring frictionless customer UX.



A global game store saw its chargeback rate decrease and conversion rate increase using our ML-based solution and our profiling solution.


Digital goods and services

We helped Smartney with better identification of fraudsters while supporting them in releasing sales potential with a higher acceptance.


Online lending & BNPL

We offered a tailor-made solution that improved transaction acceptance while lowering fraud rates for cryptocurrency exchange Ari10.



eDestinos, an eSky brand, saw a significant increase in approval rates and a low manual review and chargeback rates with us.



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Ready to detect fraud?

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