Prevent promo & policy abuse

Put a stop to eCommerce promo & policy abuse

Identify fraudsters and true intentions of dishonest customers to prevent policy abuse. 

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See real benefits in:

Understanding users’ intentions - good and bad
Automatically block bots
Automatically blocking bots creating multiple accounts
Reducing stricter policies that affect your customers
Increasing retention with happy and loyal customers

Why let promo & policy abuse impact you if prevention is possible?

Our solution using behavioural biometrics not only stops fraudsters and dishonest customers, it detects and prevents them from succeeding even before they’ve had a chance to proceed. Understanding users’ motivations with enhanced profiling can weed out policy abusers.

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Catch human and non-human policy abusers

Stopping fraudsters and dishonest customers abusing refunds and returns is important, but blocking resellers using bots to bulk purchase is also vital. Stop unauthorised resellers profiting from your goods, with no harm to customer UX.

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Enhance your online reputation with our profiling solution

By rejecting bad users, build trust and gain loyal customers who will have the confidence to use your services without fear of data breaches and financial theft. Happy customers result in continued custom and revenue growth.

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Automation that avoids manual reviews

Avoid costly and time-consuming manual reviews for potentially fraudulent chargebacks and returns. Our solutions prevent problems before they occur, giving you real-time results and more time to focus on growing your business.

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Digital fingerprints to prevent abuse

Rip the benefits of digital fingerprints (device, network, behaviour) to identify the same users (“browser ID” or “device ID”) who try to abuse promotions, e.g. collect a discount eligible only for newly registered ones.

Check our fraud detection software

Check our fraud detection software
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We value the entire Nethone system, connection graphs and fingerprint analysis. Also, we feel confident with their anti-fraud solution during our promo campaigns. The results we achieved together allow us also to use Nethone in investment and identity fraud.

Paweł Przybytniak

Head of Risk


Industry: Online lending & BNPL

Paweł Przybytniak

Head of Risk


Industry: Online lending & BNPL


The product that guards your business

Gain access to a solution with the highest performance, that it's also user-friendly for you and/or your fraud team. 

Know Your Users™ technology

At the forefront of our fraud prevention solution stands in-depth user profiling. We create a complete customer profile by obtaining 5,000+ attributes about each user, including behavioural, device, and network data. We go beyond data made available by the user by digging deep into your customers' sessions to discover fraudsters, bots and dishonest users.

Real-time detection & prevention

Our machine learning models analyze those data to spot non-obvious patterns, detect fraudsters and automate decision-making faster than heuristics and manual rules sets, with fewer false positives. The process of gathering data and analysis happens in real-time, and in less than one second you block fake users who try to abuse your policies. 

Fully explained recommendations

What you get is an actionable refuse/review/accept recommendation for your risk management team. We also deliver a human-readable explanation of the ML results in one place — the Nethone Panel, so you understand why the decision was made and review it manually if necessary. You can also fully customise your decision logic to fit your needs.