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The effective chargeback management solution

Alerts provide early notification and the ability to refund a transaction within supported card schemes, such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners, AMEX, CUP, and JCB.

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Choose Alerts and get:

ATO fraud
Reduced friendly fraud attempts
Visa and mastercard
One tool for both VISA and Mastercard
Close to real-time
Close to real-time notifications
Minimized cart abandonment rate
Automatic refunds
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Avoid the chargeback procedure and solve the request close to real time

In a standard path, a potential chargeback process is raised either by a customer or because someone used the card to commit fraud. The procedure goes through many stages and can take up to 3 months, generating additional chargeback costs.

We collect all alerts and match them with your transactions. We use our API to send you summarized information about what triggered the alerts, then you can refund the end customer to avoid chargeback disputes. We send to our chargeback alert providers Ethoca or Verifi all the notification feedback from you while they transfer the outcome to the issuer, officially closing the case.

Real-time Alerts

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Integrate our solution easily

We’ve merged three services - Ethoca, Verifi, and our own - to get:

  • quick integration
  • faster reaction time to possible fraud attacks (we send alerts to you and also leverage them in fraud prevention logic)
  • duplicate chargeback alerts prevention.
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Avoid additional costs
and stress

Alerts connect you directly to the issuer early on. If there is a problem with a transaction, a refund is made before chargebacks happen to save you from additional operations costs.

We detect


of all Mastercard chargeback issues


of all Visa chargeback issues

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Nethone takes a multi-layered approach to their FDP, to develop a more complete "one-stop-shop." They utilize i.e., behavioural biometrics, insights from reverse engineered fraud resources, client and 3rd-party alert signals. This wide spectrum design is the necessary path towards the most ideal fraud solution method, and Nethone is paving that path.

Shawn Colpitts

Senior Fraud Investigator

The Fraudelist

Industry: Digital goods & services

Shawn Colpitts

Senior Fraud Investigator

The Fraudelist

Industry: Digital goods & services


Large fashion eCommerce player

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