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Sense of work mission and continuous development from anywhere in the world!

We grow, you grow! 

We are a dynamic company and our growth is directly linked to the development of our employees.

At Nethone you have the opportunity to be a part of us and create even greater things together! 

We also support our employees' development by giving them unlimited resources to learn and gain experience.

Make the online world a safer place

We are a mission-driven company and believe in having a positive impact on the security of the online payment world.

Our engineers developed a proprietary anti-fraud solution based on darknet intelligence and cutting-edge Machine Learning models to detect and prevent payment fraud, and account takeovers with unrivalled effectiveness. 


Work from anywhere in the world!

Working from home, another city, country, or continent - whatever suits you, suits us! We're a remote-first company giving you the option to decide which location is most convenient for you.

All this makes our team very international (+10 countries!), where you have the opportunity to use English on a daily basis and learn about other cultures. 

Meet our team

We pay much attention to create unique team of friendly, flexible and open-minded technology enthusiasts. We try to keep our structure flat and give everyone an opportunity to work with all of our teams.

I like driving business development at Nethone to actually support our partners increase revenues while helping to protect them against fraudsters. Everybody’s opinion within the company counts and you sense that people also feel responsible for each other.



Fraud type:


Patrick Drexler

Head of Business Development


Life at Nethone is like a bar of chocolate, once you start eating it you want more and more! I value the people in the organisation, their experiences, how they behave towards others, their chill and also hard work and dedication to the job.



Fraud type:


Patrycja Jasielska

Revenue Enablement Associate


What I value the most about being a Nethoner is that we make cybersecurity solutions to make the Internet safer. I am proud of what the company that I work in is doing. In addition, I love working remotely, from anywhere I want and within an international environment while learning English in practice!



Fraud type:


Ada Gasparska-Kozak

Talent Acquisition Specialist


It's interesting, every day is different. I feel like I have the ability to make a difference in the future of the organisation.



Fraud type:


Marc Fessler

Senior Sales Engineer


If your priority is professional development then Nethone is THE place for you. What I really like here is the work approach: don’t be afraid to test new ideas only because they can fail. It’s the only path to improvement.



Fraud type:


Alicja Żmijewska

Digital Marketing Expert


I value the fact that we work on sleek product with modern technologies. I also strongly appreciate that we have a remote-first culture which allows me to save time and work from any place in the world.



Fraud type:


Łukasz Łuczaj

Product Manager & Tech Lead of Platform Team


Working with fraud detection is a challenging yet very rewarding job. I like the impact we can make at Nethone with the development of our product. We seek to keep a competitive edge, so every new improvement idea is very welcome!



Fraud type:


Michał Cisek

Lead Machine Learning Engineer


Watch our team in action during trades in Brazil


We’ve prepared for you everything what you need

Flexible working hours

Morning birds, night owls and people working from another continent feel equally comfortable

Remote-first culture

and truly international team (+10 countries)

Self development

Cash awards for the quarter's best employees, funding for development materials and trainings

Team building

Company-wide meetings in person, budgets of each team for its own integrations, cyclical office integrations

Health and wellness

Taking care about employees’ mental and physical health. Multisport and private healthcare

English classes

English is our main language of communication and our employees are able to improve their skills by attending free classes


We value the following attitudes and qualities

Acting in Nethone's best interest

Prioritising what is best for the company rather than only him/herself and their team when making decisions and taking action

Surprising with better/ new ways of achieving objectives

Coming up with ideas for improving our product and operations/challenging if we could be doing things better as a company

Getting quality things done

Driving your tasks until full completion and good quality of work, without external push and reminders

Acting with focus and sense of urgency

Maintaining a strong focus on promptly delivering on Nethone’s priorities and organising one’s work accordingly

Having a "Swiss Army Knife" approach

Being able to deliver outside of your core area and willing to learn new things where necessary

Caring about constructive working environment

Contributing to a positive atmosphere in your team and beyond

How do we hire?

Let's talk
Challenge yourself
Welcome on board

We are curious about your experience!

Send us your CV or LinkedIn profile. Show us what are your strong sides and interests.

A short call to get to know you better!

After you submit your application and pass a positive verification you will be contacted by a member of our recruitment team for a short interview and to get to know you better.

Time to show your skills in practice!

At this stage, there will be a task waiting for you to perform related to the position you are applying for. 
For some roles, this task takes place during a proper interview with the Team Leader.

Second, longer interview and occasion to meet your future Manager!

If you successfully pass the previous recruitment stages, you will be invited for a proper interview with your future Team Leader.

This is the final stage!

Regardless of your final decision, you will receive feedback from us after the entire recruitment process.
If you hear back with an offer, it means we want you in our team!


What does the recruitment task look like?

It depends on the role you applied for. Yet, we are doing our best to make the task enjoyable but still able to check your skills. It can be a Codility task, presentation, case study and you will have possibility to show your qualifications on detailed tech-interview.

How should I prepare for the interview?

The most important advice is to be yourself but we appreciate it when the candidate knows what our product is about. Moreover, before the interview, we encourage you to review the job description and think about the questions you are going to ask. Choose the most comparable experience and projects that you would like to present to us, and... be yourself! :)

What does the interview look like?

Our Hiring Team tells you more about our product, structure, and organisation. Due to the very unique solution, we usually ask questions not only about your experience but also those that check logical and unconventional thinking.

Where do the interviews take place?

Our recruitment process is fully remote so we conduct interviews via Google Meet. Just make sure you have appropriate conditions (good quality of Internet connection, comfortable place to talk with us).

Will I receive feedback despite the decision?

Yes! We always try to provide our candidates with detailed feedback or at least reasons why we cannot move forward with their application. In return, we highly appreciate the candidate's feedback about our recruitment process :)

Can I work remotely?

Yes! We have a remote-first culture, that is why you can work fully remotely, from anywhere in the world :)

Do you have an office?

Yes, we have a very cosy office right in the centre of Warsaw at WeWork on Prosta Street :)

Haven't found the right job offer for yourself?

We are constantly looking for talented people to join our team. Haven’t found an interesting offer but still feel Nethone is a place for you? Send us your CV!

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