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Large American Airline

In 2016, one of the largest airlines in Latin America, operating over 300 daily scheduled flights to more than 70 destinations around the world, decided to modernize their risk management system. The company reached out to Nethone, and the results truly exceeded their expectations.


The airline realized that the rule-based fraud solution, which they had been using for years, could not cope with the challenges of the modern-day online commerce anymore.

High manual review rate was hampering sales and generating costs, while the number and value of chargebacks were continually surging, reaching dangerously high levels. Risk management processes needed immediate streamlining and significant effectiveness enhancement. In the search of a durable and scalable solution that would quickly bring fargoing improvements, the company has reached out to Nethone. The results of the cooperation exceeded the client’s expectations. Thanks to Nethone, the airline not only has grounded chargeback rates and minimized review hassles but also discovered new upselling opportunities, prospects for development and revenue streams.


High chargeback rate

The average chargeback rate the airline had been facing prior to implementing Nethone was dangerously close to the limits imposed by leading card schemes. The problem had to be addressed immediately.

High cost of risk management

Both, chargebacks and manual reviews were generating dramatically high costs. Making the most of each dollar spent on handling risk was, therefore, of key importance and highest urgency.

High manual review rate

With high manual review rate, the airline could not effectively compete on the market where instant, frictionless payments in all channels, including mobile, are playing ever more important role. The company needed a truly effective tool to accurately select suspicious transactions and apply manual reviewing only when necessary.

Sales hampered by outdated solution

False positives caused by inaccuracy of deterministic rule-based fraud tool not only were flooding the airline’s risk team with unnecessary workload, but also making the company unable to convert numerous purchase attempts into actual sales. The goal for Nethone was to simultaneously increase the approval rate, reduce the chargeback rate and eliminate false positives.


Bespoke Machine Learning

Nethone’s team created custom models to analyse historical and live customer data flowing through the airline’s system. The models helped to discover links and interdependencies between numerous apparently unrelated factors, and “learned” to predict future fraud attempts. Moreover, while exploring the data, Nethone’s scientists found the way to detect not only fraudsters but also future frequent flyers.

Powerful Analytical Panel

Nethone provided the client with a special analytical panel that enabled obtaining of all the information required for transaction legitimacy assessment with no need to switch between tens of data sources, as the risk team used to do prior to implementing the new fraud tool. Thanks to the solution, the airline’s risk management processes have been noticeably streamlined, sped up and enhanced in terms of effectiveness.

Frequent Flyer Detection

Besides the fraud tool, Nethone provided the airline with a unique mechanism enabling real-time detection and marking of future and current frequent flyers.The client could finally accurately discern future return customers from one-shot purchasers. This enabled streamlining of risk management processes to even greater extent and opened up new upselling opportunities in the frequent flyer segment.


The cooperation between the airline and Nethone brought results that not only met but exceeded all expectations. Thanks to dramatic reductions in both, chargebacks and manual reviews, the merchant effectively slashed costs, unlocked sales and significantly improved their marketing performance. In other words, the challenges have been turned into pure profits.

Chargebacks reduced by


and effectively kept at bay.

Revenue increased by


and surging.

Manual Reviews reduced by


and continually decreasing.

Streamlined Risk Management


of traffic shifted into a fast track mode.

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