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Want to level up your fraud prevention game? It’s time for a challenge! We've prepared a competition, during which participants will not only gain knowledge about online fraud prevention but will also have the chance to win awesome prizes.

Join the fraud prevention challenge!

Are you up for a challenge?! We want to encourage you to actively follow the latest trends in the fintech industry and learn about fraud and how to fight it.

What could be a better way than following the Fraud News Info Pack (FNIP), your source of the latest updates on Nethone's anti-fraud efforts?

Read about the rules and valuable prizes that are on offer for you. To win a prize, you have to play the game:

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  4. WIN!

The contest starts with May's edition of the FNIP newsletter, so make sure you're subscribed before this date!

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BUT what’s all the fuss about?

🥇 1st place - RAPID Edu eLearning Course (online course) regarding ATO (account takeover) organized and conducted by the MRC | Merchant Risk Council and Nethone's Fraud Intelligence Team 🎓

🥈 2nd place - Nethone’s "Fraud Busters" Lego automobile

🥉 3rd place - Nethone’s "Fraud Busters" Lego automobile

What is the RAPID EDU eLearning Course & why you should be a part of it

Education makes up the core of MRC's mission to improve eCommerce for all. The Merchant Risk Council aims to be a valuable educational resource for payments and fraud prevention professionals at every stage. The RAPID Edu eLearning program by MRC helps achieve this goal.

RAPID Edu, MRC's exclusive on-demand educational platform, offers self-guided learning on the essentials of payments and fraud. With a vast array of accredited courses, professionals can learn at their own pace, obtain certificates, and acquire continuing professional education (CPE) credits upon finishing a course. These CPE credits can be used for various professional certifications like Certified Payments and Fraud Prevention Professional (CPFPP), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), and more.

RAPID Edu is perfect for:

  • Professionals seeking to refresh their knowledge of payments and fraud prevention fundamentals
  • Individuals aiming to boost their professional qualifications
  • Managers in search of industry-specific training resources
  • Anyone considering a career in this exciting field

Advanced ATO eLearning Course by MRC x Nethone

The course provides a comprehensive overview of the Account Takeover (ATO) phenomenon, its reasons, and its effects. Students will learn about identity and context management and popular techniques used by fraudsters that lead to ATO.

The course is designed to explain the impact of account takeover on various service providers. It consists of 4 modules, including an introduction to ATO, what leads to ATO, the impact of ATO, and strategies to spot and prevent ATO.

By the end of the course, students will have a thorough understanding of the phenomena that lead to an Account Takeover, how fraudsters perform ATO, and the strategies to prevent it.

Who are you gonna call? Nethone fraud busters! Zap fraudsters without friction

Nethone's "Fraud Busters" Lego automobile is no ordinary car; it is a cruiser equipped with cutting-edge technology and tools to fight elusive fraudsters. 


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