Smarter Payments Summit 2023

Join Nethone at Smarter Payment Summit and learn how to protect your customers


Join Nethone for an insightful session with Raza Shah, Senior Business Development Executive at Nethone, at Smarter Payments Summit 2023. Raza will share his expertise on fraud prevention and protecting your business from online fraudsters. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to learn from an industry leader. 

Smarter Payments Summit is an annual conference that brings together experts and leaders to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in the payments industry. Attending the summit offers an opportunity to learn about new technologies, network with peers, and gain insights into fraud prevention.

calendar 6 September 2023 location Radisson Blu Hotel Manchester Airport user-1 In Person
Raza Shah

Senior Business Development Executive

Responsible for Business Development in the UK market

Benefits of attending Smarter Payments Summit 2023:

  • Gain knowledge on fraud prevention and payment security

  • Learn about payments regulations and compliance

  • Discover new payment products and services

  • Hear from keynote speakers on the future of payment technology

This event is best for:

Fraud managers

Smarter Payments Summit 2023 presents a unique opportunity to gather insights and knowledge on preventing fraudulent activities in the payment sector. As the number of online transactions continues to rise, the need for efficient fraud prevention techniques has become increasingly important. This event offers fraud managers the chance to connect with other professionals, share ideas and solutions, and stay informed on the latest trends and patterns of fraudulent activities.

Business managers

Smarter Payments Summit 2023 is an ideal platform for business managers to get acquainted with the emerging payment technologies and trends that can potentially impact their business. With the ever-increasing number of payment options and innovative technologies, it has become essential for business managers to keep themselves updated to stay ahead of the curve.

Meet Raza and discuss your fraud prevention needs